Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strange Coincidences

Another great day riding the roads of B.C., our home province.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, our ride thru the familiar territory of B.C brought us into a little town called Silverton.  As we rode thru Trev decided he should check gas and see where we could fill up next and i felt a pull to have coffee at this cute little place called "the cup and saucer".. so we turned around and went back.

As we got off the bikes I could here lots of laughter and joking coming from inside, i opened the door and joined in, i felt right at home, something was so familiar to me and we chatted non stop about what we were up to and where we had all travelled to, we hit it off straight away, so much so that he passed me my cookie and forgot the coffee! At that point Trev walked in and continued the  chatter and i sat outside in the sun, the guy asked Trevor where he lived and Trev said, " Salt Spring Island" and he said, " my parents live there", "oh really, who are they", Derek and Pam Fry..., "we built their house for them, they are one of our clients, my partner built there house on Salt Spring Island so we knew them well." strange..

It turned out that this guy was there son and had brought his family to Silverton to run this cafe for a spell and because he was also a musician, join in the towns musical circle, which you could tell was a big part of what he loved about Silverton.  What a lovely man, so connected to the bigger picture of our world, we continued yummy conversation with him as he took a break to come chat with us, we just love these special moments, oh he did remember our coffee in the end..

There is no question in my mind that we are all connected in some way, we have had so many coincidences on this trip and meetings with  people that knew people we knew also, very interesting indeed.

So if you go thru Silverton be sure to stop at The Cup and Saucer and say hi from SSI.

They serve the best pies here..

Still a long way from home but getting closer by the day.

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