Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Then we had a PARTY

We arrive of the ferry to by met by a bunch of
 rowdy biker guys that want to take us to a party :-)

This is Ian, My brother and partner in crime when it comes to our business
He has been working hard while I have been playing!!
and has got himself a brand new Triumph Tiger while we have been away 

He has also got a new house on the water front that he
 and Sharon have done a major reno on

Family and friends greet us at the party.
It is all just a bit overwhelming.

My Mum Bless her is so excited to see us that
 I nearly run her over going down the drive

Meeting all our family, Friends and dedicated Blog followers
And yes even Haley was there (sort of)

Later Lovely Lisa swaps gear with Chenty
and I take here  for a ride

Now that was something Chenty said looked really weird

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