Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Long Ride Home

After spending the night in Vernon we turn south again and run down the west side of Okanagan Lake the weather is great and the views across the water are fantastic Riding past lots of small cottages on the lake  I can see the fascination with this type of vacation but me .. well I guess I just like to be on the move and the world is such a big place with so many interesting people to meet. 

We stop for a coffee in Greenwood
Greenwood is a small town on the Crows nest highway that is rising to the challenge of the tourist trade. Lots of people pass through here every day on their way to the lakes. It is doing a great job of getting people to stop for a break. Lots of hanging baskets and a tourist info place also.

We meet Jamie and one of his kids 
We pick up an ice cream and wonder the streets for a while and on returning to the bike I here a voice saying.. Hi there Trevor!! Well we have been out long enough now not to be to surprised about meeting people over and over again but this guy... Well Jamie used to work for me about 15 years ago.
We spent the next hour catching up and I was so pleased to here that he had followed his passion for music and had just got back from a trip to Texas where he had been playing with a blues band. He was having lunch with his son while his wife ran of to do some errands in the next town.

Looking over the lake and Osoyoos

A great road n BC
We planned to meet Mark  my brother in law in Osoyoos He was going to ride out on his Harley the night before to visit family in Nerramata then run down and meet us and  ride back to Langley together. Seeing family again after fourteen months was great and we both really appreciated him coming out.

Hi there its been a long time!!

Big Red has someone to chat to while we go for a drink
After spending the night in Merrit we cut up to the #1 Hwy in Spences Bridge and ride through the Fraser Canyon into Hope.

A common sight in BC thats the logging truck
 not the Harley

The bridge into Spences Bridge over the
Thompson River

Just an other photo OP

Mark with BIG a grin on his face
Just like us he loves to ride. 

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