Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home to see the kids

A familiar sight arriving at the ferry terminal 

The ferry drops us of in Sidney were Nigh and Rose
will head back to Saltspring and we will go into
Victoria to see the Kids

The Empress Hotel in Victoria
A little bit above or budget on this trip

The Parliament Buildings in Victoria.
What a beautiful place this is

And there she is!!
Our gorgeous  Daughter Jessica with her boy friend Scott.
Whom we have not seen for fourteen months.

This is how she looked when we left after having
 four wisdom teeth out and being a bit mad at me
 for wanting to take her Mum away from her
for such a long time

But she survived with out her mum, and how she has grown up
I do love her :-)

And Phil, so happy to see us
 and we get to meet the absolutely lovely Lisa his new girl friend
 with whom we have chatted with on Skype so many times from around the world

That evening we go for a walk along the waterfront in Victoria.
This is a absolutely gorgeous city we live by.

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