Monday, August 19, 2013

So we have been back two years now. What have we been doing???

The Intrepid Travellers on yet another Adventure
Yes, how time flys.  It is hard to believe that we have been back from our round the world trip for over two years now and one might wonder what we have been getting up too?? But let me assure you we haven't been just sitting around.

To list just a few things of what has been happening.......

Getting started
We have finished a major renovation on the house we took in trade before we left, BIG JOB! That alone has kept us busy for over a year. I went back to work with my Brother whom had been running our Construction Company while we were off playing, very successfully I might add (thanks Bro) I have managed several large construction projects since I returned. Yes I just stepped back into the business and got on with it. I wasn't sure if that was what I wanted but we had our house to do and so I thought what the hell why not!!
That worked out just fine and I think the fact that I had our Reno and addition to do really helped get my concentration back on the game.

Old and new come together

The place is really taking shape now

The finished product

The reason why we did it.... There are not to many places around with a view like this

Sunrise never seems to amaze me
Who would not want to get up to watch this.

And during the day it is hard to leave and go to work.
Now that the house is finished, of course it is for sale. We need to recoup and regroup so we can head out again.

To see full listing info go to,com_hotproperty/task,view/id,280/Itemid,79/

Chenty on the other hand had decided not to return to the family business and felt like she wanted to put pen to paper and write a book. A book! you might think maybe about our trip, but no nothing quite that simple. During our travels she had had lots of time to reflect on life and had discovered things about herself that was, how can I put it..... maybe mind blowing but I will let her fill you in on the details. After over a year sitting on her own, inside her own head the book was published in April and the title

CAN I BE ME WITHOUT LOSING YOU Yep the you is me and I am so proud of her for putting this master piece into print. We have now been married 33 years and we love every minute of every day.  She truly is A Pillion in a Million and she still to this day loves to climb on the back of the bike and head out. You can get her book on Amazon or on her own website at the last chapter is the beginning of our trip and she has another book in her it will be called "A pillion in a Million"it will continue on into our trip around the world!

Other things.

Ronnie came to visit.

 My Brother from another mother

Remember Ronnie, the guy we met in Syria, and then again in Thailand and rode with for five weeks. Well, he made Canada his 101st country to visit and as he was on his way up to the top, Dead Horse Alaska being the top, or as far as one can navigate on two wheels, we decided to saddle up and head off with him. Two weeks,13,000 km's and again one hell of an adventure. This trip we would have Mark my brother in law, whom I had talked into getting a 'proper bike' a BMW1200 GS, he also rides a Harley but I don't think it would have made it up and back again and if it had it would certainly needed a new chrome job on its return.

Mark and yours truly in Hyder Alaska

Full Alaska Blog to come.

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